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with Andy Hollinshead

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A replay of Rebel Radio with Andy Hollinghead. 

Andy Hollinshead presents a really great rock & soul show

The Rebel Radio Rock Show with Andy Hollinshead, Sunday Nights at 7pm

When we were looking for someone to present a really great rock and soul show one name sprang to mind – Andy Hollinshead.

Andy returns to the radio where he belongs, on a Sunday night with The Rebel Radio Rock & Soul Show.

Andy says, “It’s great to back broadcasting again, especially on such a cool radio station as New City Radio. I love the type of music that New City Radio plays and they are passionate about making radio that is engaging to the people that live in Milton Keynes. I love the fact that the playlist is so large. You may not have noticed that New City Radio has a huge playlist, because we don’t play the same records all day on heavy rotation. I assure you there is a playlist… but we’d probably need a fork lift to move it.

One thing I did insist on with The Guv’nor before I signed with New City Radio is to let the listener help me pick the tracks for my show. So it’d be fab if you took a few moments to pick a couple tracks and I’ll see what I can do in the coming weeks -and don’t be afraid to pick album tracks. Let’s all make Sunday nights rock!!!”

Andy Hollinshead started in radio at 16 and has worked at a number of local radios stations including MKFM, CRMK (where he was Station manager for a while) and back in the day Chiltern Radio Supergold.

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