Lynette Hill

Lynette Hill is an oral storyteller, a fantasy novelist, a former journalist and a 10-year resident of Milton Keynes. As many have heard at various open mics around town, she tells tall tales of Texas and other exotic places.

At various times Lynette has worked as a newspaper reporter, a long-haul truck driver, an apprentice electrician and a ‘Going-out Guru’ for the entertainment section of the She was born in San Antonio, Texas and has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Lynette began her travels at the age of three when her family moved from the United States to the southern Philippines. She has been getting to know quirky characters and scintillating stories from around the world ever since.

Lynette brings her passion for weaving words to New City Radio’s Loudspeaker (Sundays at 6pm), the radio show for those fond of fables, the practitioners of poetry, the tellers of tales, committed comics and their audiences.

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