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Written by on 25th October 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Support for New City Radio

I am writing on the behalf of the Joint Civil Aid Corps to express our support for New City Radio and its application to obtain a community radio license. I also confirm the Corps’ commitment to our relationship as our two organisations continue to grow and develop.

As a Community Resilience (Civil Defence) body, I look forward to working closely with New City Radio as we both support initiatives throughout the communities of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Our recent conversations show clearly that we share a vision for a unified City, rich in culture and music, and I am certain New City Radio will be at the forefront of the vision as we all, in Milton Keynes, work together for a better, brighter future.

As a resilience partner, I am grateful to New City Radio, for also supporting us in our endeavours, and the help offered to disseminate safety and resilience information to the listening public when relevant and necessary – therefore providing an important public service.

As a Corps we actively promote New City Radio, both as our friends and community partner. From the point of view of resilience, the addition of an FM license would be of great benefit in the event of an emergency, but I also feel that the wider community would further benefit from being able to access the station without the need for an internet connection. I would strongly support such an addition to the station’s plans and encourage them to consider such an addition.

I wish all at New City Radio the very best for the future and to look forward to working together as we continue to build.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Harmsworth

Chief Officer

The Joint Civil Aid Corps


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